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Guardians of Piety

On this scale one finds on the right side piety and on the far left side impiety. Impiety gives birth to the destruction of rivers, forests, cities, homes and in short our world. Piety teaches us to honor and revere our rivers, our forests, our communities and our homes. Our ancestors endeavored to live pious lives; but, somehow the path of piety was lost to most of them and consequently to us; and most of us found our selves lost on the path of greed, gluttony, vain glory, and pride. “For the former fervor [which our ancestors held towards piety] can return only through the same door through which it was lost.” (John Climacus in The Ladder of Divine Ascent)

When learning about anything one must be very careful (if one wishes to have learned accurately). The same then would be a hundred fold more true when referring to pious learning, that is, when learning about what and how to be pious; and, how to ovoid the impious. Unlike other activities, finding ones self in a state of impiety, is tantamount to finding oneself doomed to hell fire, or at the very least standing on the brink. That is why I begin with this: in determining ones sources one must be decided on who has remained faithful and who has not. From the start Christ Isus himself entrusted His teaching to His Apostles; in time Greece would find its self blessed beyond measure but, alas, it was doomed to Apostasy. Russia is the third Rome the last True earthly guardian of our Masters message, teaching, and instructions in piety. So we begin with the fall of pious Orthodox Greece, and, the start and development of Holy Orthodox Russia.

Russian History

  • Tale of the White Cowl This one of the major prophecies that foretold the down fall of Rome and New Rome, and the eventual establishment of Russia as a third and final Rome.
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